Classes, and Classing at AOTA

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Currently, AOTA offers 8 single/dual classes, 3 advanced classes, and 10 dual_advanced (Quad) classes.  

  There are help files available to assist you, but the only restriction  to choosing classes happens if you choose a blood user for either your race or starting classes.  Please note that the werewolf race is not a blood user like a werewolf class is.  There is a help file called Vamp_Dual that can explain how blood users and classes work here.

At Aota, you  can have a maximum of 4 classes:

A list and brief description of each class is listed below, plus you can click on the class name to see a picture and more information about each class.

Single/Dual Classes:


An expert in manipulating arcane energies.


A healer and protector of the weak.


The thief is a dark character which makes use of many skills often deemed improper by the rest of society.


The epitome of fighters.


Physically strong and uses blood to cast spells.


The druid is a lover and protector of the natural land..


A ranger is an outdoorsman and adventuresom free spirit of the times.


A unique combination of brains and brawn.


The paladin is the right arm of all that is good or evil.


He prefers the shadows over the light.


The werewolf is the epitome of the dark stalkers.


The Kinju is a wielder of justice


A psionicist's powers come from their very complex mind unlike a mage which derives almost all of its

 power from outside elements.

Advanced Classes:


The embodiment of a god or what is good.


The Dragon class represents a choice for the Character to become onewho opposes the gods instead of becoming one who worships them.


The Titan class represents a choice for the Character to become one who neither opposes the gods or benefits from them.


Quad (Fourth) Classes:


A master of destructive magical enrgies.


The Epitome of divine magic.


The master of sword and shield.


The spirits of those long dead...


The hunter is the epitome of nature's warrior children.


Operates outside the bounds of time and space.


The crusader is a god's ultimate warrior,  a beacon of divine power in a fighter.


The Ninja is a warrior of power from the ancient oriental lands.


The Jackel is the apical point of the werewolf class.


The Mystic is the ultimate Psionic,  a true master of mental abilities.


The archmage is the epitome of Magical power.  Most are taught to use
magic from the day they are born, but some have innate power.  They learn
to cast magic from themselves, and how to recharge their magical power.


Just as the Archmage is the height of Arcane magic, the Bishop is the
height of Divine magic.  Their spell repitoire mainly consists of healing
spells, but does contain a few attack spells.  The greatest ability of the
bishop is the ability to cast spells where arcane magic cannot be cast.


The blademaster is the master of sword and shield, the king of the
fighters.  He knows how to hit many people at once with his blade, and
he knows how to hit them hard.  The Blademaster also has the capability
to call upon a dragon to stun it's opponent, it's most useful skill.


Wraiths are the spirits of those long dead... Being undead they have
a very unattractive appearance on a translucent body.  They possess
a very high intellegence and are extremely adept in the use of magic
Wraiths, unrestrained by the barriers of the carnal world, have an
innate ability to pass straight through barriers
Note:  The Wraith class is the exclusive class of Blood Users.


The hunter is the epitome of nature's warrior children.  Skilled in
combat, as well as in search, the Hunter is the evolution of the
Ranger.  He learns some of nature's power through divine spells, but
not much.


Prophets are tied to the fabric of the cosmos and operate out of
the bounds of time.  This awe-inspiring class appears God-like, were
it not their flaw . . .


The crusader is a god's ultimate warrior, a beacon of divine power in
a fighter.  Excellent combat skills melded with powerful divine magic
make the Crusader a worthy foe to most.


The Ninja is a warrior of power from the land of Japan.  Unlike the
Samurai (not a class), the Ninja is a warrior of stealth and shadows,
and is considered to have little Honor in Japanese society.  They have
the power of shadow-based magic and skills.  


The Jackel is the apical point of the werewolf class.
Those who choose the way of the Jackel draw on the
moon to heighten their powers.  The Jackel's
bestial nature and their combat abilities make them
a most formidable foe.


The Mystic is the ultimate Psionic.  He has the capability to shape
minds and thoughts with no trouble.  Through years of training, the
Mystic becomes able to manipulate his own power enough to create
monsters to control out of pure thought.