What's Unique?

Listed below you will find listed some of the unique features here at Age of The Ancients, as well as a brief explanation of each. 


A wide variety of races to choose from.  

    Instead of just stopping at the usual standard races,   We have races that  include ones ranging from a Pixie to the larger  Half-Trolls.

4 Tiers of classes.

We start off with 8 classes that you can use, then using the pray command, choose any of the those 8 again as your second class.  After that, you can choose from 3 of our Advanced (3rd) classes, and finally choose from our selection  of 10 Dual Advanced (Quad) classes.

Alternative Advancement (AA),

After reaching level 50 in your 4th class, you then expand on your skills and abilities even further by trading experience for AA pts,.  The skills and abilites are organized into 4 tiers, and can range from basic adjusting of attributes to things like Death Avoidance, and LavaStorm.

Maims and Regeneration

After reaching a certain level, players and creatures can do what is called 'Maiming', or inflicting a severe wound, that can cause severe bleeding, and stop you from using the equipment on the affected area until you get a Regeneration, either by potion or spell.

Set Equipment

We have equipment created that, when enough pieces are worn, will give the player some extra effects.


A comand that will filter unneeded text from your screen at the server, allowing you to fight better and not get disconnected so easily.


This allows you to create player houses, and also upgrade them.


       A pshop is a player controlled/owned shop where players can sell equipment and goods.  


       Tired of having those creatures attack your magi?  Use the formation command and have the fighters protect them from attack.