All Areas

Area Directions  
The BattlePlain of Armageddon w;s;w;d (wait for teleport) d  
The Portal to Armageddon w;s;w;d  
Chapel Catacombs Can't walk there  
Little haven NOT LINKED  
Newbie Training Tower w; s; 6e; u; all w; all s; u  
The Circus w;s;8w;3n;e  
The Ocean Ocean - recall; w; s; w; 9n; d  
Coral Depths w;s;w;5s;2e;s;3e;s;e;s;2e;s  
Coral depths ocean w;s;w;6s;5e;s;e;s;2e;s;2e;plunge;4n;e;s;e  
Hero's Town (Marsh) w;s;8w;d  
Hero's Town (Market square) w;s;8w;d;8n;4w;2n  
Ofcol w;s;w;8n;2e;4n;2e;n;e;n;e;2n w;s;w;8n;2e;4n;2e;n;3e;3n  
Cyystalmir Lake w;s;7w;s;d  
Plains of the North w;s;w;8n  
The City of Meclaar w;s;w;9n;4w;2s;e;n;2e;2n;e;2n;w;2n;4e;3s;2e;s    
The City of Meclaar (cont) w; s; 2e; 2n; e; n; 3e; 2n; 2e; s    
High Tower of Sorcery currently closed    
The Cursed Lands Can't walk there    
The Land of Holy Choices w;s;6e;4s;2e;s;2e;d;3n;e;4s;w;s;e;3s;d;4s;w;2n;    
The Land of Holy Choices (cont) 2u;s;e;s;9e;s;d    
The Great Pyramid w;s;w;8n;2e;4n;2e;n;3e;4s;2e;s;7e;w;n;e;10s;2e    
Dwarven Day Care w;s;6e;d;s    
Dangerous Neighborhood NOT LINKED    
Descent to Hell w;s;8w;s;d;5w;n;3w;d w;s;8w;u;7w;s;2w;2s;w;7s;3e;s;3w  
Immortal Offices      
Realms of Hell w;s;9;e;u    
Kingdom of Juargan w s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d 5n 4w s e s d    
Circle of Runes 3u;3s;u;enter    
Uk Club House      
Dragon Tower currently closed  
Castle LightGuard 3u;n;5u;n  
Uk Chouse2    
Machine Dreams Unfinished    
Limbo Not usable  
Shaolin Temple w; s; w; 9n; d; 11w; 6n; u  
Drow City w;s;6e;4s;4w;6e;s;2e;d;w;s;2d  
The Shire w;s;8w;n haon-dor
Dwarven Kingdom w;s;6e;d;s  
The Keep of Mahn-Tor w s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d 3n e 4s w s e 3s d 4s w    
The Village of the Smurfs w;s;w;13n;e  
Acheron w;s;6e;n;5e;s;2e;3n;d  
Dylan's Area Not attached  
Old Marsh w;s;8w;u;7w;s;2w;2s;w;3s    
Solace II currently closed    
In the Air 3u   astral-circle-mithras
Great Eastern Desert w;s;w;8n;2e;4n;2e;n;3e;4s;2e;s    
Tunnels of Mec-laar w;s;w;9n;4w;2s;e    
Spectral Forest W; S; ALL E; D; ALL N; ALL E; 2N    
Arachnos w;s;8w;u;5w;2s;2w;n;2w;n;w;u;w;n  
Dragon Exports Cant do this    
Mega-City One w;s;6e;u;4w;4s;10u;2n;d w;s;w;8n;2e;4n;2e;n;3e;4s;2e;s;7e;w;n;e;s  
Shattered Refuge w,s,w,9s,2e,s w; s; w; 8s; 2e  
Land of the Fire Newts w; s; 6e; 4s; 2e; s; 2e; d; 5n; 4w; 2s; w; u;2w; 5d; w; 3s; e; 3s    
Thalos w;s;6e;4s;4w  
Galaxy currently closed    
Old Thalos w; s; 9e; 2n; track imperial    
The Tower of Force w;s;8w;s;d;5w;n;3w;u w;s;8w;u;7w;s;2w;2s;w;7s;3e;s;3w;2u  
The Astral Plane 3u;n;6u;n    
Gnome Village no link found    
The City of Mithras recall    
North Trade Route w;s;w;13n    
Goblin Caves w; s; 6e; 4s; 2e; s; 2e; d; 5n; 3w; n  
The Lawns of Mithras w;s;6w  
Yggdrasil w;s;8w;s;d;3s  
Mob Factory w; s; w; 3s; e  
Elemental Canyon W; S; 6E; 4S; 2E; S; 2E; D; S; U  
The Chapel no dirs only for weddings  
Ultima w;s;w;9n;u    
Dwarven Catacombs NOT LINKED  
Grimblade's Keep w;s;6e;n  
Caverns of the Unknown w;s;8w;s;d;5w;3n;w;n    
Holy Grove w; s; 7e  
Plane of Nirvana 3u;n;6u;n;n;(use scry) go to into-exploring-roaming- ALL U; N; ALL U; 2N; "TRACK GISH TILL DEEP WITHIN THE ASTRAL PLANE AND THE NEXT TRACK LEADS U"; W; U  
Plane of Nirvana (continued) wandering-lost-traverse-deep-stay in deep until up to nirvana    
The WF club house    
Haon Dor w;s;8w  
Newbie School w;s;6e;d  
Wyvern's Tower w s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d 8e  
New Darkhaven Kombat Arena! NOT LINKED  
Graveyard Can get to the chapel if we can get here  
Troll Den w; s; 8w; u; 7w; s; 2w; 2s; e; s; w; s; e; s  
Hall of the Clan Negative    
The Kingdom of Light w;s;w;17n  
The Moralachd Order Hall    
ShadowDancer's Club Hall      
The Candy Factory w;s;8w;u;7w;2n;e;n    
The Tower of Stars w; s; w; 9 n; d; 2s    
Pandemonium Palace w;s;5e;3s;d w; s; w; 7s; 2e; d  
The Museum w;s; 6e;u;4w;4s;10u;2n;d;4s;e    
The Death Star W; S. ALL W. U. 3W. N. ENTER; LEAVE    
Niteshade;are (???) An incomplete area - not mapped    
Mount Olympus w; s; w; 8s; e;n w; s; 6e; 4s; 2e; s; 2e; d; 5n; 4w; 2s; w; u;2w; 5d; w; 3s; e; 2s; u  
Hellspawn Clan Hall      
The Chessboard 3u;n;6u;n;n;(use scry) go to into-exploring-roaming-    
  wandering-lost-traverse-deep-stay in deep until up to chessboard    
Mithral Hall w;s;w;8s;2w;2s;e;u    
Church of Angharradh w;s;w;s;w    
The City of Thress currently closed    
521 Pyramid      
Meadow A guild Hall - not mapped    

Last Updated on 11/28/99
By Bill Arrington